Well that’s today, and I’m not letting​ it end! Some of the pleasures were simple, but very meaningful to me: 

  • a plethora of ergonomic work stations at my disposal; 
  • the fastest internet I’ve had in 7 months of travel; 
  • privacy (a luxury when you’re almost always in a dorm room); 
  • healthy, crazy delicious, affordable vegetarian food, including deliciously ripe pineapple; 
  • as much free drinking water I as I wanted (with the option for cucumber water!); 
  • and fresh air and sunlight! 

I started my day by tending to my responsibilities. It felt good to focus and be productive: 

  • took care of some lingering business which lightened/freed up my mind; 
  • filed my taxes and for the first time in years I’m getting a refund – and it’s a big one; 
  • organized my files and cleared out my inbox; 
  • tended to my finances, uncovering a forgotten $1800 dollars in the process; 
  • successfully got my insurance to cover my camera repair even though they could have denied it as they don’t typically cover items purchased outside of the US; 
  • and purchased a ticket to Thailand for 50% less than it’s been listed for the past several months. 

But even better than all that: 

  • I had a deep conversation with my dad about the purpose of life, and closer to him than ever before which I didn’t think was possible; 
  • researched books that will inspire me for the next decade, and bring me closer to the person I want to be; 
  • cried so many happy tears; 
  • and had stimulating conversation with a like-minded person. 

I ended the day with a glass of Chardonnay, which I sipped while cooking a brown rice and lentil curry dish, and watched a cheesy but old favourite good-feel movie, What Seems May Come (it’s got Robbin Williams, what else do you need to know). And soon, I get to Skype with my Maman!

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