“Be love” is my motto for how to act. To me, it means to make sure that every action I do comes from a place of love, rather than fear, anger, frustration, greed, etc. This is something my dad taught me, a lesson most essential. This tattoo is on my left middle finger. I see it every time I look down at my hands, and it’s a constant reminder. I also love that I wrote the word “love” on a part of the body that’s typically associated with hate.

It’s hard to describe HOW to “be love”. I try to simply ask myself, “Is that a loving thing to do?” when I find myself acting less than pleasant. That question is often followed by, “How can I accomplish this/fix this problem in a loving way?” It’s hardest to “be love” at times of conflict, but that’s when we need it most. Below is a clip from a journal entry from a time when I struggled with someone close to me. I was deeply hurt by this person, but chose to love her and forgive her. Today our relationship is much stronger, and one I’m very grateful for. 

2014-01-27 10