Memories in pictures.


Shopping for fresh herbs.

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  • Dreamy walks through gardens
  • brunch in Ravenswood
  • Baking strawberry cheesecake
  • Dancing. Dancing. So much dancing!





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 Song is “Thoughts and Clouds” by Lullatone.


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Rogers Park, Lincoln Park, Humboldt Park & Lincoln Square

  • Biking with a new friend.
  • Yoga in the grass by the lakefront.
  • Diner en plein air, with candles and fireflies.










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Saturday morning I had an 8am appointment with my counselor in Lakeview. I had been looking forward to this early morning ride all week, but when the day finally came it was pouring! I hesitated, but headed out into the storm anyway armed with a spare change of clothes and my laptop in a trash bag. Classy!


Afterwards I scooted over to Heritage Bikes for some handlebar tape, a cappuccino, and refuge from the rain. It’s been over a year since I’ve stopped in, and the coffee/bike shop is as cute as ever! I especially loved the chandelier made of bike wheel rims.


Sunday’s weather was much more beautiful! I took a detour on the way back from brunch at a friend’s and ended up finding a small bike path along the Chicago River, near Diversey Ave.



I pulled over in some tall grass and meditated. Ugh. I have mixed feelings about meditating. I like the idea of stillness, being present, and spending time noticing your thoughts and feelings. I just don’t like the emphasis I’m receiving lately on simply observing my thoughts and not getting overly involved with them. We’ll see. The Headspace app is super convenient and great for beginners, if anyone’s curious.



Anyway, I kind of decided that I’ll be going to brunch and on a bikeventure each weekend before I leave Chicago. Keep posted for more!

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I found some extra time for a date with myself today! Haven’t done this in a long time… quality time for me&me!

Dates with myself are about following my interests and passions, usually in a way that fosters self-growth, with a bit of learning but a focus on fun!

It can be a trip to a museum where I can linger as long as I want, reading in a park, practicing my photography skills, hunting for  crafting  ideas and materials, etc. I recommend it!
Today I biked to the Container Store, and ogled over neat storage solutions in rainbow colors….



I stopped at a bagel shop and got caught in the Saturday morning hustle…


 And admired the flowers as I ate breakfast in the sunlight.


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Accelerating uphill is like telling gravity to


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2012_1115 tlb love note

Last night I asked T to help me with Andromeda, my bike. I then fell asleep before we got started. Knowing that I wouldn’t bike this morning without a tune up, T stayed up and fixed my best gal. He even brought her downstairs cause he knows I hate to squeeze bikes through tight apartment stairwells. T, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! You are so kind, patient, and endlessly loving, even when I’m crabby, selfish, petulant, and preoccupied with myself. You seek to understand me when you should be mad at me. I have so much to learn from you T, and I’m so thankful for you.


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Biked about 16 miles today and did Bikram yoga. Feeling great!

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I get to see the sunrise over the Chicago skyline every day…

but only if I BIKE to work instead of take the train. Another thrilling part of my bike commute: while riding on the bridge that crosses the Chicago river, I’m also riding below an elevated train!

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