When young men protested being suddenly called for compulsory military service, the public called them “unmanly,” “cowardly,” and “disgraceful,” To counter this view, Beata Tiskevic-Hasanova and Neringa Rekasiute “began capturing portraits of men suddenly conscripted into the Lithuanian army just a few short months ago. … Beata and Neringa thought this project would be a good way to show how dangerous gender expectations are: a man is expected to be rational, emotionless, and aggressive. But if that is the gender stereotype we accept and allow to rule our masculine-driven world, little will be resolved through the way of conflict. …Every picture is accompanied by the models’ quotes. They are expressing their opinions about what it is to be manly and how it relates to going to the army.”

Pictures from, and words paraphrased from this article at trueactivist.com


1 Jaunius

JAUNIUS, 18: A gun in your hands doesn’t define your manliness.

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I’ve been spending as much time outdoors as possible lately. Lunchbreak naps in the sun, and strolls through Oz Park.







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Memories in pictures.


Shopping for fresh herbs.

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This beautiful creature paused and watched me as I sang “The Peacock” by Beirut. For a full five minutes, it watched me as I fumbled with my phone, taking pictures and singing all along.

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The sun is the only thing I need to feel deep peace and joy. Thanks for shining on me, Alma.

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A few months ago, I started renting out my spare bedroom on Airbnb! They hooked me up with a super nice photographer who took these lovely shots for free…


I added some info about us and the neighborhood, and the requests started pouring in!



Originally, renting out the room was just a way to justify furnishing it (would you believe I only spent about $430 for everything in the room, paid off after 3 visitors!), but it’s also really easy and fun. Most of the guests are young, adventurous, and friendly travelers. Some come to Chicago to visit friends, others pass through on epic road trips, and other just to see the sights. I LOVE Chicago, and introducing it to newcomers is so rewarding. I love hearing where they choose to explore, if they liked my restaurant suggestions, and their insights on the city in general. Plus, I really love hosting and sharing this apartment I love with others. I get the giggles when I put clean towels and new miniature-toiletries out for each guest. And who doesn’t like making a pretty tray with coffee and tea in the morning?



It sounds odd to invite strangers into your home (and give them the keys!), but it’s actually totally cool. My guests trust us to not harm them in the same way that I trust them to not harm our apartment. Plus, Airbnb offers great insurance. And as you can see, I don’t really have anything worth stealing. My treasured items are my desks, my sewing machine, and of course, Hurricane the bunny:


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I often stress myself out when there are two things that I love so much that I can’t choose a favourite. I’ve been stressing on ranunculus vs. poppies as my favourite flower for months. And yes, stress IS the appropriate word.

2014_0425 ranun 2014_0425 Poppy

The picture of the poppy is by Anni Jones. (thank you!)

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2014_0422 morning-living-room
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